Find your Ring Size

Guide to find the size of your ring

All rings from InkaDesign have stated a ring size.

If you do not know your ring size from the start, you may use one of the following methods to find it.

It is recommendable that you use more than one method in order to be able to compare the results and thereby minimize mistakes, if any:


Measure an old ring

Metod 1: Inside diameter in mm

Take a sliding gauge or a ruler, alternatively, and measure the inside diameter in mm of the ring. In the diagram below you will find information as to the various ring sizes, based on the size in mm of the diameter.

ring størrelser, sammenligning skema.xlsx

Metod 2: Inside circumference in mm

Take a measuring tape and measure the inside circumference of the ring. This circumference in mm corresponds to the size of the ring.

If, for example, the inside circumference is 58 mm, it will corresponds to the size 58.

If you do not have a measuring tape, you may use a small slip of paper and place it into to the ring. Then you mark the circumference of the ring on the paper and measure this with a ruler.


Measure your finger

Metode 3: Outside circumference of your finger in mm

Take a piece of string and place it twice around your finger, right there where the ring is supposed to be positioned (it is important that you do not draw it up too tight, but on the other hand, the string should not be to loose). Draw a line right across the strings. Straighten out the string. Your ring size is the distance between the two lines in mm. If, for example, the distance is 4.8 cm long, this corresponds to 48 mm and size 48.

Metod 4: Have your finger measured by a professional person

Visit your local jeweller and have your size measured precisely. Do not forget to tell the shop assistant that you consider buying a wide ring. Then he or she will be able to advise you about this.

What do you need to be aware of in connection with the measuring of your finger?


Not only pregnancy may cause swelling fingers. Often you do not recognize that your fingers are swelling, and even a small swelling may influence the measuring of the ring size. Therefore, you will have to pay specific attention to the fact whether you have cold or warm fingers. If you measure your ring size on cold fingers, you may risk that the ring will be too tight when your fingers are warm. The best advice is the measure your ring size when your fingers have a somewhat normal temperature.

Wide/Narrow Ring

The ring you are going to measure must have somewhat the same width as the one you are going to buy. The reason to this is that a wide ring will take up more space at your finger and therefore, it will often be necessary to choose the ring of a larger size in order to have the ring placed comfortably on your finger.

I myself fit a wide ring in size 19/59 (ex. RI-004), and a narrow ring in 17/57 (ex. RI-009). I cover a wide field as I also fit 23/63 (RI-007).