Beautiful silver ring with the chakracolours


Beautiful silver ring with the chakracolours


The nicest silver ring with the chakra colors.

In the order :
red (red koral),
orange (red koral),
yellow (mother of pearl),
green (green peruvian turquoise / crysocolla),
light/bright blue (turquoise),
blue (sodalit),
Purple (purple shell)

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Beautiful wide silver ring with the t chakracolours in stribes.

Of course a silver ring in 950 sterling silver.

Approx.. 5 mm wide (maybe you need a size larger than you are used to).

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Weight 5.8 g

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Stone / Colour


Stone / Colour

Chakra colours

Chakrafarverne og deres placering | Inka-Design

Chakrafarverne og deres placering

The Chakra Colours and positioning

We have seven primary energy centers in the body called chakras.

They have each a physical position, a certain function, and a colour. Each of them also represents a body part, some feelings and some properties.

If all our chakras are balanced and in harmony, our body will function in an optimum way. If unbalanced, our energies will be like in a small river where the water will flow irregularly and noisy. By balancing our chakras, the water/our energies will flow more freely throughout our body and thus the risk of imbalances and consequently illnesses will be reduced to a minimum.

We can work with our chakras either one at a time with a specific focus or work with the all of them at one time. Every stone and crystal will send out energies, which again will initiate the same kind of energies in our thoughts and feelings.

The most important form, the most essential kind of healing is the one we give to ourselves through our personal development. For this, we can use the energy of the crystals; the energy will stimulate various feelings and features. In this way, stress will be put on these feelings and features and then we will be better at using them in our everyday life.

Our physical bodies consist of fine vibrations; likewise, the various stones again consist of vibrations. When we are in contact with the crystals, their vibrations will influence us. Every crystal includes and sends out various vibrations which again start the very same vibrations in our body and mind.


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