Nice ring of silver with mother of pearl in 3 squares


Nice ring of silver with mother of pearl in 3 squares


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Weight 11.4 g
Dimensions 1959 mm
Stone / Colour


Stone / Colour

Mother of Pearl

Perlemor for Beskyttelse, følelsesmæssigt afbalancerende – beroligende på nervøsitet, spænding og uro

Protection – Depth – Emotional Balancing – Calming in connection with nervousness, excitement and restlessness

Makes us listen better to ourselves, be in ourselves and our feelings which gives us courage and strength. A mother of pearl is not a crystal, but the natural material of which the inner layer of a pearl oyster consists.

Mother of pearl gives you mental clarity and helps you to choose the right thing. It is useful for handling of any emotional situation and very calming for your mind and body. It stimulates the sensitivity and the intuition. It strengthens both your ability of imagination and adaptation.


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