Inka Cross

Geometry of the Inka Cross

Geometry of the Inka Cross

The Inka Cross or Chakana is a strong symbol of the old cultures of the Andes and is considered the most complete, holy, geometric design of the Inkas. This symbol is often found in old places and holy centers in the Andes in Peru and in Bolivia.

The Chakana has had, and still has, a considerable meaning to the Inkas and it also represents many meanings in its design.

Each of the 12 steps have a meaning:
  • One of the sides signifies Future, Present and Past. Another interpretation is Munay for love and force; Yachay for wisdom, and Llankay for work.
  • Another for Hana Pacha – Heaven. The Upper World, Kay Pacha –The Earth. This World, Uqha Pacha –The Underworld.
  • A third for Peace or Upper Consciousness, War or (day)consciousness, Intelligence or sub/unconsciousness
  • The last one stands for the holy animals: Condor/Eagle, Cougar/Puma, Serpent
The 4 sides:
  • North: The element of Air, to know
  • West: The element of Earth, to wish
  • South: The element of Fire, to dare
  • East: The element of Water, to be silent
  • The four big stars of the Southern Cross
Top, Bottom, Center:
  • The top stands for Wiracocha/God and the bottom for Pachamama/Mother Earth.
  • Center / “hole”: represents the Inkan capital Cusco, the center for the Inkan Empire or the people who lived in the middle of the 3 lives, in the middle of the 4 elements and in the middle of the Universe, a Gate between the various levels.
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