Nasca Lines - hummingbird. There are a total of 300 figures in the desert of Peru

Nasca Lines – hummingbird. There are a total of 300 figures in the desert of Peru

The Nasca Lines are artificially made lines in the Nasza desert in Peru between the cities Nasza and Palpa. They have been made by the Nascan people in the period 200 BC to 700 on the dry Peruvian pampas.

The so called Nasca Lines are one of the most impressive, man-made designs which we know. These enormous and complex lines are stretching over thousands and thousands of kilometres as sculptured animals, gods and geometrical figures. The Nasca Lines have fascinated human beings for decades. The theories are various. Some assuming that the lines are old racing tracks or astronomical calendars, and other theories consider the lines as being landing strips, created by foreign extraterrestials. Their existence still presents a great mystery to many people.

The Nasca Lines are the most brilliant group of geoglyphs in the world. The Nasca Lines are situated in the uninhabited plain in the Peuvian Pampa region. Engraved into the surface of the desert, the pampa sand, around 300 hundred figures are made by straight lines, geometrical figures and pictures of animals and birds – and their patterns are only visible from the air. The length of the figures varies from 46m up to 285m and the figures are best seen from the air. The figures cover an area comprising 500m2. The depth of the lines never exceed 30 cm and some are only scratches in the surface of the earth.

The lines were not discovered until the time where commercial airlines started to cross the Peruvian desert in 1920. Passengers reported to have seen “primitive landing strips on the earth beneath. Nobody knew who had built them or why.


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