The Chakra Colours


We have seven primary energy centers in the body called chakras. They have each a physical position, a certain function, and a colour. Each of them also represents a body part, some feelings and some properties.

If all our chakras are balanced and in harmony, our body will function in an optimum way. If unbalanced, our energies will be like in a small river where the water will flow irregularly and noisy. By balancing our chakras, the water/our energies will flow more freely throughout our body and thus the risk of imbalances and consequently illnesses will be reduced to a minimum.

We can work with our chakras either one at a time with a specific focus or work with the all of them at one time. Every stone and crystal will send out energies, which again will initiate the same kind of energies in our thoughts and feelings.

The most important form, the most essential kind of healing is the one we give to ourselves through our personal development. For this, we can use the energy of the crystals; the energy will stimulate various feelings and features. In this way, stress will be put on these feelings and features and then we will be better at using them in our everyday life.

Our physical bodies consist of fine vibrations; likewise, the various stones again consist of vibrations. When we are in contact with the crystals, their vibrations will influence us. Every crystal includes and sends out various vibrations which again start the very same vibrations in our body and mind.  

 Chakrafarverne og deres placering

Red, Root Chakra

Root chakra

Connects us to Mother Earth, grounds us. It represents our most basic needs. The root chakra is connected to physical security and influenced by thoughts and feelings about: economy, confidence, physical needs and belongings. If you have too many worries about such things, you will drown your chakra. This will cause an imbalance in your body. Maybe the worries will become chronic as an illness that will not or cannot let go until you skip your thoughts about your physical needs.

With a balanced chakra you will both be in control of you own financial situation and you will also be practically oriented and function physically well. We also have a feeling of the meaning with our own life and that we are in control of the situation.

Sanskrit name: Muladhara.

Orange, Central Chakra


Communicates with the soul inside your body. The Central (Sacral) chakra is connected to our passion and feeling of pleasure for such things as sex, food, and creativity.

With a balanced chakra you will have a fine connection to the opposite sex and also to the surrounding world. You will also be in good contact to your inner child and have a natural passion for playing, joy, and spontaneousness.

Sanskrit name: Svadhistana.

Yellow, Solar Plexus


Provides for the early structure of one’s personality and helps us to interpret love. Gives you the freedom to be yourself.

With a balanced chakra we will have a realistic relationship to the surrounding world. You will fell more inclined to work with your conflicts from your past.

Sanskrit name: Manipura.

Green, Heart Chakra


The connection center between the three lower physical-emotional chakras and the three upper mental and spiritual ones. The heart controls our feelings and movability.

When the chakra is balanced, we will be able to fold out our love, empathy, idealism and selfless devotion. We will be completely balanced as to our love and relationships.

Sanskrit name: Anahata

Blue, Throat Chakra


The throat chakra represents our ability to pass on wishes, needs, and qualities, controls all communication and information. It contains the deep, inner wisdom that every human being includes and which is an expression for our contact to our Higher Self. The throat chakra is about expressing yourself and about ”talkings”.

Our experiences as to expressing sound and the ability to listen is located in the throat chakra. This chakra controls how we are expressing ourselves at all levels: physically, sexually, emotionally, lovingly, verbally, creatively, intuitively, and spiritually. What we allow ourselves to express and what we hold back, will be sorted here. Here we also learn about the Law on Cause and Effect (The Law of Karma). Everything we do or do not has a consequence.

Our capability to take decisions and the consequences hereof. Creativity and the ability to be able to understand and to be understood. Here, the capability of clairsentience is located. When all other chakras are in balance, then our Higher Inspiration will also be in balance.

When this chakra is open, you will have no problems as to express your opinion or to express yourself. The throat chakra is influenced by your thoughts and feelings about:

How to express your meaning to: yourself, your relatives, friends, acquaintances, clients and customers, colleagues and employees.

Communicative projects: singing, writing, artisan performance, and to teach others.

Sanskrit name: Visuddha.

Indigo, Brow Chakra


The place where our intelligence, intuition and clairaudience is located. You use the so-called Third Eye, if you are able to see others’ Aura. In order to have the chakra balanced, you will have to learn to look into yourself and to trust your intuition.

If you have a fine contact to your Brow center, then you will also have a feeling of which way to go during life. You will be awake, have an active intellect, and spiritual abilities.

Sanskrit name: Ajna / The third eye

Violet, Crown Chakra


This is the largest and upper chakra. The function of the chakra is to be our connection between ourselves and our Higher Awareness. The development of the crown chakra depends on all other chakras.The more developed they are, the better we will be able to come into contact with our inner qualities. Right in this chakra, we will suddenly get a deeper understanding of the things, we have been wondering about.

If the chakra is in balance, we will sometimes have spontaneous insights. This chakra has not been blocked, it may only be more or less developed.

The aim of this chakra is to create a connection and a unity between all parts of the human being. When this chakra starts to open up, you will sometimes have the feeling as if your inner and outer feelings are melting together. This is a feeling of being nearer to God/The Source/All there is, and become united with everything.

Sanskrit name: Sahasrara.