The Meaning of the Crystals and the Corals

used in InkaDesign's jewellery

Abelone, Ansvar - Beslutsomhed - Mod - BeskyttendeABALONE SEASHELL

Responsibility – Determination – Courage – Protective

Life-giving Depth – Emotional Balancing – Calming in connection with Nervousness, Stress, and Anxiety, or Restlessness

Makes us able to listen better to ourselves, to be more selfpresent and in our feelings and gives us courage and strength. Abalone is an oyster seashell and a very beautiful stone which reminds you of the peacock stone with its various colours.

Abalone is excellent for calming down fear, nervousness, hearty restlessness, and tensions including muscle tensions. It is used for relaxation. Stands for creation, birth, and rebirth. Promotes creativity, gives control of the intellect, and encourage understanding for artistic expressions.

The Abalone seashell is often used for meditation. Good to wear at osteoporosis (brittleness of the bones) and lack of calcium. The rainbow play of the stone will show you the way to find yourself and follow the right path in your life.

It is to good wear above your heart. Because the stone has all colours/shades, it is connected to all chakra energies. Especially, it seems to function best at the Solar Plexus chakra by stimulating your intuition. Abalone is especially good for the Heart chakra as it removes fear, grief, and negative feelings from your heart in a gentle way. Abalone allows your intuitive resources to stimulate your psychical development and intuition through the Brow chakra/The 3rd eye.

Andean Opal, Mod - Opfindsomhed - Forbedre selvværdetANDEAN OPAL (BLACK/BLUE)

Courage – Creativity – Improvement of your Self-Confidence and the Love of Yourself

Blue Andean Opal, also known as the Peruvian Opal, is known as a stone which gives courage and creativity. It is said to improve your self-confidence and the love of yourself. A help to creativity and communication of all kinds. It has been used by native South Americans for more than a thousand years and is well-known within the trade of semi genuine stones.

Andean Opal is a combination of pink, black, beige, and sometimes blue. This is useful for centering and grounding, and aimed at the heart chakra. The Andean Opal helps in connection with physical and mental journeys.

Krystallen Ametyst, Tro - klarhed - tillid AMETHYST

Faith – Clarity – Confidence

The Amethyst gives you the courage to dare to make great decisions. You will have spiritual inspiration and strengthen your visionary aspects. It will be easier for you to transform great thoughts and ideas and to protect your spiritual work. The Amethyst protects against bad energies and it is said to promote marital happiness. It can give you clarity in both dreams and great decision-making.

The Amethyst has a purifying effect on your body and your mind. It tranquillizes a nervous mind and calms a fierce temper. Good against headache, migraine, skin diseases, fever, and digestive problems due to its purifying effect. Has a relaxing impact and is recommended to insomnia. The stone has a general purifying effect and is eminent in connection with skin diseases, fever, and digestive problems.

The Amethyst also has an excellent effect on occipital tensions (tensions at the base of the skull) when the stone is placed here.

The Amethyst calms all stress and emotional factors. It will help you look inward in order to search for the real reason to your restlessness. The Amethyst is a real wonderful stone for meditation because it symbolizes confidence and faith; it is also recommendable for visualization. Likewise, the Amethyst will be of great value to you, if you want help with clarity in your dreams and decision-making. To a large extent, children who are often suffering from nightmares will benefit from the Amethyst.

If you are going to be together with many people, many vibrations – then place an Amethyst in your pocket; it will protect you against poor energies. If you are very sensitive towards everything that is going on around you then maybe, the Amethyst will be your stone. Place the amethyst in your pocket, if you are nervous and having a hard time facing difficult tasks.

Bjergskrystallen skaber energi og giver klarhed og indsigt


Creates Energy – gives Clarity and Insight – balances the Body physically and psychically

Stimulates our intuitive talents and balances yin and yang and opens up to the good and positive elements.

The stone implements all colours of the rainbow. Therefore, its influence will be multi-faceted and it is also called “the stone above all stones”. The rock crystal/quartz transmits all colours and may be used everywhere on your body. If you wear it, work with it or meditate on this crystal, you will become a part of its energy – the white healing light.

The rock crystal/quartz creates energy, opens up the physical as well as the psychical and spiritual flow. It gives clarity and insight and balances your body physically and psychically, it heals everywhere. Good against earth and water radiation. Generally healing in connection with all physical imbalances.


Huayruro, brings good luck

Huayruro, brings good luck

Brings good Luck and balances Yin and Yang, the Masculine and the Feminine Element

The Huayruro plant is native in Peru and has formed an important part of the Peruvian culture through centuries. The Huayruro seed are found in pods on the high trees in the Peruvian rain forest.

The red and black seed are told to bring good luck and abundance, and at the same time they prevent negative energy. The mixture of black and red on the seeds is also told to bring balance.

The Peruvian people have gathered the seed which drop down to the ground in the jungle, and many store the seed in pots inside their houses to bring good luck to them.The Peruvians give them to their children to wear as bracelets for good luck.

Jade, Alle grønne sten er hjertesten ... Men jade er den hjerteligste


All green Stones are Heart Stones …
But Jade is the “most cordial” of them all.

Jade has a detoxing effect to both your body and your mind and it helps you to have peace integrated in your life – calms down both thoughts and feelings. Jade softens your heart, frees you from all “uncordial” thoughts and feelings and makes you true to yourself and to your inner feelings.

Symbolizes the warmth and the eternity that the sun represents and gives recollections about the very best memories about love and friendship. Jade is also called a family stone because it connects us to our relatives, strengthens our family relationship, and makes us appreciate the little pleasures in our everyday life. Therefore, give Jade to those for whom you care, including yourself and remember to have the stone with you at all times when your mind needs to be softened. Physically, jade is good against heart and kidney diseases – preferably taped to your skin above the sick place. Good for meditation and cleaning your chakras.

Krysocolla, Peruviansk turkisChrysocolla from Peru

Venus Stone or Love Stone

Also called Peruvian turquoise. In Cusco they just call it turquoise.

The colour is turquoise or green blue. It symbolizes openness, beauty, love, purification, and balance. Strengthen your sixth sense. A good stone to relieve stress. Also an excellent support in connection with spiritual development. A strong healer.

It strengthens our feminine aspects and ”raises” our emotions to a higher degree. It shows us that love is the only thing that really matters. It affects the heart chakra and opens up our hearts; in this way, we will be able to feel love at all levels.

It is a purifying stone which opens up for higher and improved vibrations and strengthen our sixth sense, our intuition. Chrysocolla will absorb everything. Negative thinking patterns and feelings of hatred and envy. It will be a fine support to your spiritual development. Primarily because it relaxes and purifies your energies and thus creates more space for inner confidence and the feeling of greater self-respect. If you are a sensitive person, you will really feel the stone. It is ideal for full moon meditation and its message is unlimited love.

Find your true self

Find your true self


Find your true self

Lapis lazuli energy can bring us clarity. It increases our power of concentration, our sensitivity and our ability to be patient. The stone increases the feelings and properties that are conspicuous at the present moment. Negative as well as positive.

Lapis lazuli helps you to focus and concentrate on your spiritual energy. Lapis’ blue-black energy creates a connection to your deep intuitive forces and brings you in contact with your true self! The stone will give you clarity about your emotional blocks and inappropriate thoughts and feelings; this will give you the ability to send out the right and positive energies.

There is something magic and mysterious about the stone which was one of the most used in the ancient religions. The Egyptians used lapis as a bridge to the spiritual world, and the Indians brought it with them on their shamanistic travels.

Lapis lazuli will give you inner peace in your everyday life and damp nervousness and negative thoughts.

Physically, the stone functions especially healing in connection with eye diseases and tension headaches. Wear the Lapis lazuli on your body, wear it as a piece of jewellery – or sleep with it under your pillow; here it may influence your dreams and it will be easier for you to remember your dreams when you wake up.

Lilla-skal, Violette sten fremmer storheden, karismaen og inspirationen i dit liv

Purple Seashell

Violet stones promotes the greatness, the charisma, and the inspiration of your life and will be inevitable for you who aspires to become a pioneer or have a manifestation of something great. The Crown chakra. Everything what the purple / deep violet colour represents.

Let the violet stones be included in your jewellery, or have them placed in your home so that their energy may be dissipated on both you and your surroundings. The violet stones have no connection to specific body areas; their energy has an influence on the hypophysis, the entire lymphatic system and the mentality as a whole.

The 3 metals. 3 is an important number in the Inkan philosophy and reoccurs in many places. Here, silver, copper, and brass have been put on a piece of jewellery.

The 3 metals.
3 is an important number in the Inkan philosophy and reoccurs in many places.
Here, silver, copper, and brass have been put on a piece of jewellery.

The 3 metals

Silver, Brass, and Copper

3 is an important figure in the Inka philosophy.

This figure is repeated lot of times.

Among others, there are 3 levels at each side of the Inka Cross.

There are the 3 worlds. The 3 kinds of consciousness. The 3 personal strengths.

The 3 holy animals in the Trilogy.

It takes 3 perfect cocaleaves to create a Kintu, to be used in ceremonies.

And of course, there will also be 3 metals. Silver, brass, and copper.




Perlemor for Beskyttelse, følelsesmæssigt afbalancerende – beroligende på nervøsitet, spænding og uro


Protection – Depth – Emotional Balancing – Calming in connection with nervousness, excitement and restlessness

Makes us listen better to ourselves, be in ourselves and our feelings which gives us courage and strength. A mother of pearl is not a crystal, but the natural material of which the inner layer of a pearl oyster consists.

Mother of pearl gives you mental clarity and helps you to choose the right thing. It is useful for handling of any emotional situation and very calming for your mind and body. It stimulates the sensitivity and the intuition. It strengthens both your ability of imagination and adaptation.

Mother of pearl helps to create understanding for other people’s opinion and therefore, it is good for group relations. If we are very open and sensitive, mother of pearl will help protect you against and give you distance to undesired influences and energies.

Rosa kvarts, Kærlighed – tilgivelse – skabertrang – ro – harmoni


Love – Forgiveness – Creative Urge – Peace – Harmony

Helps us to forgive ourselves or others, protects against negative vibrations from others, dissolve the electromagnetic field /radiation from PC, TV, etc. Good to have near the screen. It inspires confidence, is good for colds, fear, and shyness.

May stop snoring! A rose quartz under your pillow or a large one under your bed is said to have people stop snoring!

A rose quarts is a real heart stone and can be used everywhere on your body where you feel a need for it. It helps you to remain positive in your thoughts and mind.

Red Coral Shell

Red Coral Shell


Sexuality – Happiness

Strengthens our grounding and gives energy, stimulates the joy of our body, and the wish for touching and being touched, arouses the passion and opens up our hearts. The Red coral is good when we lack energy and vitality; it stimulates, warms and brings colours to the surroundings. Pink shades harmonize the feelings of our heart, they solve conflicts, and stimulate the flow of love. White corals purify our thoughts and bring clarity, sharpen our intelligence, and strengthen the intellect.

The coral is neither a crystal nor a gem; it is an organic sea product or calcium carbonite.

The coral has been worn as a piece of jewellery for as long as the gems and the crystals have been used on pieces of jewellery. It is energy giving and purifying, gives feelings of independency, good for liver problems, diabetes, and skin diseases.

The coral is supposed to neutralize shyness and give self-confidence; then you will be brave enough to receive the love which will be given to you.



Works protective, a positive stone. Reinforces and supports the wish for success

Serpentine - Virker beskyttende, livsbekræftende sten, forstærker og hjælper ønsket om succesThe name serpentine has come from the word ’serpent’ (snake), as the stone often has a pattern which resembles the pattern of snakeskin. It is also called ‘the new jade’, as it looks like the jade. Within the folklore, it has been used to keep diseases and witchcraft down.


Works in a protective way, reduces aggressiveness, and the eager to fight. A positive stone which increases the passion and the happiness for life.

Works actively on feelings, harmonizes and neutralizes. Serpentine put directly on your skin, will increase the effect of the above-mentioned.

Physically: Stabilizes your heart rhytm, helps against lack of magnesium or too much stomach acid. Kidney and stomach troubles.

Chakras: Heart, Solar Plexus



Reinforces the wish for success, and at the same time it increases the possibilities of the same. Has a calming effect and grants peace and quiet.

Gives patience, endurance, and determination, and the possibility of looking at things from a distance, or in another perspective, too.

Physically: Used in connection with diabetes, hypochondria and parasite attack inside body. Good if the body is in deficit of calcium and magnesium.

Chakras: Heart, Crown

Sodalit, God mod infektion - God til at slippe frygt - Fremmer kommunikationSODALITE

Good against Infection – Good at letting go of fear– Promotes Communication

Sodalite is a powerful blue stone, better known than any other stone, helps you to let go of fear and reservations. The blue sodalite creates peace and order, courage and overview; it assists you in expressing your wishes and thoughts and in making the right decisions as quickly as possible.

The energy of the Sodalite helps you to focus on the essential matters without being disturbed by emotions or impulses. If you will have to learn how to communicate clearly – or to mediate or negotiate – then choose a Sodalite . Put the Sodalite in your pocket, wear it as a piece of jewellery or leave a piece of Sodalite on your desk. Physically, the blue stone is good against inflammation of the throat as well as other infectionary illnesses.

Sort Onyx, Fremmer objektiv handling, giver større kontrol over følelser og lidenskaber samt åndelig inspiration.BLACK ONYX

Promotes objective acting, gives larger control over emotions and passions together with a mental inspiration. Makes us able to look at things in a higher perspective.

Sort Onyx will permit us to let go of old thinking and acting patterns and place them with a positive and loving outlook. Strengthen the ability to act more objectively, gives control of feelings, sharpens our ability to consider things from other peoples’ point of view. Beneficial for skin, hair, and nails, stimulates your hearing and concentration. Balances your masculine and feminine aspects.

Black onyx will promote your abilities to act from a more objective, practical point of view; in this way your acts will not be controlled too much by your feelings and your desire for things and/or human beings. The Onyx will make it possible for you to see things in a greater perspective, to look further than your own nose. Black onyx gives you more control of your feelings and passions. It allows you to see that you will not always be right, but by the help of black onyx you will be able to see things better from your opponent’s point of view.

Tigeøje, Skarpsindighed - overblik – sandhed


Shrewdness – Overview – Truth

Gives shrewdness, overview and a clear thinking. It will bring up the truth and helps you to see and understand your own faults. It protects you from dangers coming from the outside and gives you courage to go on even though things may look somewhat gloomy. If you are worrying yourself, it will give you the strength to go on even though things are looking a bit ”heavy”.

Good in connection with learning difficulties and lack of concentration. The Tiger’s eye is a good help in a negotiation because it helps its owner to find the essence of the problem. The Tiger’s eye gives us the necessary courage to act when we have found the right way to do it. Offers grounding, strengthens the overview, reduces the worries, have the blood coagulate more quickly.

Turkis-blå, Healing – Kærlighed - Styrke - Sundhed


Healing – Love – Strength – Health

It would be best if you receive it as a gift; it brings love and solidarity – unselfish love which does not expect anything in return. Helps you to find the strength to go on in your own process.

The Turquoise is supposed to protect you against fatigue and to give genuine fighting spirit. It was used very often for Warriors in ancient times. It is a very refreshing stone, granting its owner courage to confront ancient fear.

It may attract illnesses, misfortunes, and dangers in order to protect its owner and, if necessary, be broken up in the process. One of the very best stones against all physical illnesses.

Man skal helst have den foræret, den bringer kærlighed og samhørighed – uselvisk kærlighed der ikke kræver noget til gengæld. Hjælper os til at finde styrke til at komme videre i egen udvikling. Turkis skulle beskytte mod træthed og give ægte kampånd brugt meget til Krigere før i tiden, det er en meget styrkende sten, der skænker sin ejermand mod til at konfrontere gammel angst. Den kan trække sygdomme, ulykker og farer over på sig og for at beskytte sin ejer, og kan om nødvendigt lade sig sprænge i processen. En af de allerbedste sten mod alle fysiske sygdomme.

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