The spiritual jewellery, the designers, and the silver

Spiritual Jewellery

Most jewellery is deeply spiritual and based on the old Inkas who descend from Cusco, the city which is considered the hub of the Universe by the Inkas. All jewellery have been deeply rooted in the old Inkan traditions and all designs and crystals have been chosen and composed with great consideration; it is important to the designers that the jewellery are in harmony both at a physical and a mental level.

After my first trip to Peru I have been much more fascinated by the way the old Inkas, but also by the present Peruvian population who consider themselves as a part of the nature – and by and large – of the universe. They adore, among others, the Earth (Pachamama) and the Sun (Inti) and consider themselves as naturally linked to the energies through faith, energy, including the chakras. Here it is clear to see the inspiration in their very beautifully and uniquely handmade jewellery where two are not alike.

You can use the jewellery for meditation, to find your inner condor or cougar, or to use them for strengthening of weaker parts inside yourself.

950 Sterling Silver

I have succeeded in making a fine agreement with both Senorita Mercedes and her family at the workshop in Cusco, Peru and with Senorita Angelica. All jewellery are stamped 950 (Sterling Silver). Which means it contains 95% pure silver.

The silver jewellery before polishingAn in order to be quite certain, the jewellery have been acid tested here in Denmark and it is silver all the way through. In South America, they use a somewhat finer kind of silver than the 925 sterling silver used in Denmark.

The Designers and Unique Handwork

See the pictures from the manufacture of the silver jewellery below 

Værksted-Mercedes-bror-1000x700I met Mercedes on my first trip to Peru; she owns two jewel shops in Cusco, Peru. I made a deal with her about imports of their handmade jewellery.

The second time I was in Peru I also started co-operation with Angelica. Likewise, she has made her business into a family business.

They are both making incredibly unique jewellery and I know I can trust them. Mercedes’ brother is sitting at his workshop, designing the jewellery.

Many other family members are sitting at another workshop, fitting the crystals and the corals to the setting of the silver.

They take great pride in making their jewellery as unique as possible. They are also aware of preventing any kind of imitation of their designs.

If you have a special wish as to design and colours, the jewellery can also be made to your order.

It is a huge piece of handcraft and I was far more impressed after having visited the workshops. Here I watched how the jewellery were manufactured.Unique handcraft.

Family business

Smykkeforretning i CuscoBoth their businesses have been built up as a large family business where for example all jewellery are handmade by Mercedes’ brother, and Mercedes together with her children and nieces are selling the jewellery through two shops in Cusco.

The reason I found Mercedes was due to her incredibly unique silver jewellery with their many spiritual motifs, decorated with the most beautiful crystala.


See the pictures from Mercedes’ workshop in Cusco: